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CRTV 604 Neurodiversity in Education and Workforce 3.0 Credits

This course focuses on neurodiversity. The neurobiology of learning and memory is explored from the learning sciences and Mind, Brain, and Education science within the context of educational and work environments. The impact of practice, stress, and environment are examined in connection to neuroplasticity, memory, performance, and brain imaging. Students are engaged in peer-review and self-evaluation as they demonstrate technical and applied knowledge, creative critical-thinking, and communication skills through presentations and projects aligned neurodiversity and Universal Design for Learning across real-world contexts.

College/Department: School of Education
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

EDGI 604 Quantitative Literacy: Interpreting and reporting data for educational policy and research 3.0 Credits

The course will focus on both the art and science of quantitative methods by identifying how to draw careful insights from quantitative analyses. Students will read & discuss existing educational studies as well as review the results from quantitative analysis with a focus on 1) understanding the analytic approach, 2) interpreting the quantitative results, 3) best practices for visually displaying findings in figures and tables, and 4) using quantitative data to tell a compelling narrative. The course addresses the types of questions that can be addressed through quantitative methods, the importance of samples & describing a sample; summary data, patterns, and trends; the comparison of groups; the results from multiple regression analysis, experimental, and quasi-experimental research.

College/Department: School of Education
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

EDUC 604 Structure and Sound System of English 3.0 Credits

This course focuses on the structural features of the English language, including phonetic, phonological, morphological, syntactic and pragmatic features. In the practicum component, participants will collect and analyze language from both native and non-native speakers of English, using it to develop targeted structural exercises for English instruction. This course has a Stage 1-2 field component, successful completion of the field component is required for recommendation for certification. See SoE Field Placement Office website for all clearance policy and field experience requirements.

College/Department: School of Education
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

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