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EET 204 Introduction to Nanotechnology 3.0 Credits

The course is an introduction to the physical, chemical and biological principles of nanotechnology. The course provides information on prevalent nanofabrication methods and materials, and familiarizes the students with the tools of nano measurements. The history, societal impact and the involvement of nanotechnology in everyday life are also discussed.

College/Department: College of Engineering
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: (CHEM 111 [Min Grade: D] or CHEM 101 [Min Grade: D]) and (CHEM 113 [Min Grade: D] or CHEM 101 [Min Grade: D]) and (PHYS 154 [Min Grade: D] or PHYS 102 [Min Grade: D] or PHYS 151 [Min Grade: D])

Engineering Technology

The Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) concentration prepares graduates that can design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment, components, or systems for commercial, industrial, military, or medical use. EET graduates are experienced, accomplished, and self-motivated problem solvers who can work through technical challenges and present practical solutions to maintain and support industry-leading products and systems. The program prepares students to work across a variety of functional groups that are directly involved in engineering, product development, implementation, and international contract manufacturing.

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