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ENTP 109 Idea Accelerator I 3.0 Credits

This course is designed for students to learn and implement the steps necessary to accelerate the launch of a new business, process, product, or service. Gain the tools, skills, and demonstrated ability to transform an idea into a reality – better, faster, and cheaper. Supports and strengthens entrepreneurial concepts and strategies: ideation, project planning, requirements gathering, process building, and MVP implementation. This course will cover core capabilities needed by entrepreneurs to single-handedly move from ideation to launch, with less risk, higher probability of success, and increased sustainability.

College/Department: Close School of Entrepreneurship-3145
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Computer Science BSCS

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Computer Science BA

...of BIO 101 , BIO 109 ]), PHYS (100-499...499), ECON (100-499), ENTP (100-499), FIN...

Software Engineering BSSE

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