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ENTP 250 Ideation 3.0 Credits

Innovation is the driving force behind today’s economy and ideation supports an individual’s ability to innovate. This course provides students with tools, methods and self‐reflection techniques necessary to bring new ideas into reality. Through creative innovation, successful entrepreneurs not only create new ventures but also re-invent companies to remain competitive in an ever-changing market. Students in this course will use ideation techniques to develop new ideas, change or build upon established practices and apply these techniques in approaching and analyzing business situations. Students will be able to apply creative skills more effectively both personally and professionally.

College/Department: Close School of Entrepreneurship-3145
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Fashion Industry & Merchandising BS

...Suggested Career Pathway Electives: ENTP 205 , ENTP 209 , ENTP 250 , ENTP 375 , DSMR 485 . Sample...

Chemical Engineering MS

...ECEE, ECES, EET, EGMT, ENTP, ENVP, ENVS, FDSC...planetary centrifugal mixer ARE-250 Melt Press Portable...