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ENTP T480 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship 1.0-12.0 Credit

This course covers various topics of particular relevance to the study of entrepreneurship.

College/Department: Close School of Entrepreneurship-3145
Repeat Status: Can be repeated multiple times for credit
Restrictions: Cannot enroll if classification is Freshman

Chemical Engineering BSCHE / Chemical Engineering MSCHE

...480, CHE I399 , CHE T480 , ENGR 370 , or...ECES, EET, EGMT, ENSS, ENTP, ENVP, ENVS, FDSC...

Sustainability and Innovation BS

...COOP 101 . ** ENTP SPECIAL TOPICS courses ( ENTP T180 , ENTP T280 , ENTP T380 , ENTP T480 ) may...

Interior Design BS / Design Research MS

...level courses, including T380, T480 in AFAS, ARCH...I, CRTV, DIGM, DSRE, ENTP, ENVS, EPI, FASH...

Interior Design BS / Urban Strategy MS

...level courses, including T380, T480 in AFAS, ARCH...CHP, COM, DSRE, EDPO, ENTP, ENVP, HMP, INTR...

Dance BS / Education MS

...level courses, including T380-T480 in AFAS, ARCH...EDGI, EDAM, EHRD, EDHE, ENTP, CRTV, MTED, EDLT...

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