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ENVS 315 Plant Animal Interactions 3.0 Credits

Plant-animal interactions provide us with some of the most remarkable examples of adaptation and co-evolution. They are also key determinants of ecosystem functions. This course will provide a survey of the diversity of plant-animal interactions, the multidisciplinary approaches used to understand their ecology and evolution, and their importance to ecosystem services that sustain human societies.

College/Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: ENVS 230 [Min Grade: D] or BIO 126 [Min Grade: D] or BIO 133 [Min Grade: D]

Biological Sciences BS

...laboratory credits: ENVS 382 and ENVS 388 have...353 , HSCI 125 , HSCI 315 , PBHL 301 , PBHL...

Entertainment & Arts Management BS

...COM, DANC 215 , DANC 315 , FMST, ENGL 111...ANTH, CJS, ECON, ENSS, ENVS 260 , PBHL, PSCI...

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