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HMP 510 Evolution of United States Health Policy 3.0 Credits

This is a reading intensive seminar in the evolution of the US health system and history of 20th century US health policy: how it adapted to internal and external forces with an emphasis on the cyclic interest - and disinterest - in universal health care coverage.

College/Department: Dornsife School of Public Health
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Accelerated Public Health BS/MPH

...Management & Policy: HMP 750 and HMP 751 . Writing...electives 6.0 PBHL 510 4.0 PBHL...

Public Health MPH

...the core curriculum: PBHL 510 and PBHL 511...Introduction to Biostatistics , and HMP 505 Qualitative Data...

Urban Strategy

...DSRE, EDPO, ENT, ENVP, HMP, INTR, PBHL, PLCY...Credits Summer Credits URBS 510 3.0 URBS...

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