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INDE 350 Industrial Engineering Simulation 3.0 Credits

Covers techniques and application of computer simulation of existing or proposed real world systems and processes. Models of such systems or processes are often complex, precluding traditional analytical techniques. Students will build simulation models and do simulations with commercial simulation software, analyze and interpret the results, and to plan simulation studies.

College/Department: College of Engineering
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Restrictions: Can enroll if classification is Junior or Senior.
Prerequisites: STAT 201 [Min Grade: D] and MHT 226 [Min Grade: D]

Custom-Designed Major BS

...subjects: HSCI 345 , HSCI 350 , MATH, or STAT...ENVE, ENVS, GEO, HSCI, INDE, INFO, MATE, MEM...

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