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LAW 516S Foreign and Domestic Investment in Africa's Natural Resources: Law, Policy, and Sustainability 3.0 Credits

Foreign and domestic investment in extractive and other natural resource industries in Africa can contribute significantly to national development through tax revenue, transfer of capital and technology, job creation, linkages with local industries, infrastructure development, community development and the elimination of poverty. At the same time, the history of natural resource development in Africa sends up a warning signal that these benefits do not come without careful planning and without careful drafting. Governments need carefully crafted policies and regulatory and legal frameworks for natural resource development. Parties to natural resource agreements need skilled negotiators to achieve their goals. This course will give students the skills they need to develop these frameworks.

College/Department: Thomas R. Kline School of Law
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Biomedicine and Entrepreneurship

...Management Admission Test (GMAT), Law School Admission Test...MIIM 515S and MIIM 516S OR MIIM 530S...

Biomedicine and Business

...Management Admission Test (GMAT), Law School Admission Test...MIIM 515S AND MIIM 516S OR MIIM 530S...

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