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MATE 460 Engineering Computational Laboratory 4.0 Credits

Covers numerical techniques, finite differences and finite elements, convergence, and applications in engineering design.

College/Department: College of Engineering
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Restrictions: Cannot enroll if classification is Freshman
Prerequisites: (MATE 221 [Min Grade: D] or MATE 230 [Min Grade: D]) and (ENGR 232 [Min Grade: D] or MATH 210 [Min Grade: D]) and MATH 200 [Min Grade: D]

Chemical Engineering

...GEO, INDE, INFO, INTB, MATE, MATH, MEM (except...451 , CHE 452 , CHE 460 , CHE 399-480...

Biomedical Engineering BS / Biomedical Engineering MS

...example, MATH, PHYS, CS, MATE), including Biomedical Engineering...pre-requisite for BMES 460 . * PHYS 201 is...

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