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MLSC 330 Military Leadership Co-op Preparation 2.0 Credits

Continues the methodology of MLSC 320 by using increasingly intense situational leadership challenges to build cadet awareness and skills in leading small units. Skills in decision-making, persuading, and motivating team members when "in combat" are explored, evaluated, and developed. Emphasis is also placed on honing oral and written communication skills and mastering group dynamics while conducting tactical and Garrison operation orders.

College/Department: University Courses
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: (MLSC 110 [Min Grade: B] or MLSC 120 [Min Grade: B]) and MLSC 130 [Min Grade: B] and MLSC 210 [Min Grade: B] and MLSC 220 [Min Grade: B] and MLSC 230 [Min Grade: B] and MLSC 310 [Min Grade: B] and MLSC 320 [Min Grade: B]

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