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PENG 600 Peace Engineering Experiential Learning 0.0-6.0 Credits

Peace Engineering Experiential learning will give students direct experience working and conducting field-based research in peacebuilding. Students will work with faculty advisors during the spring term to arrange opportunities with external partners involved in peacebuilding and community engagement. Students will then work and conduct research with these partners throughout the summer term. Students may elect to work locally, nationally, or internationally as long as the location is approved by Drexel’s International Studies office and the organization approved by Peace Engineering faculty advisors. Opportunities exist with program partners, USIP and Peace Tech Lab, and can be sought with other federal agencies, NGOs, and community service organizations.

College/Department: College of Engineering
Repeat Status: Can be repeated 1 times for 12 credits

Chemical Engineering

...PRMT, PROJ, REAL, SYSE, PENG, MATH, PHYS, SE...covering spectral ranges 13000 - 600 and 25000 - 8000...

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