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PHIL 231 Aesthetics: Philosophy of Art 3.0 Credits

Studies theories about art and the nature of beauty that bear on philosophical issues concerned with artistic production, performance, and perception, such as arise in activities like painting, sculpture, film literature, music, and dance.

College/Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Minor in Philosophy

...Philosophies PHIL 211 Metaphysics: Philosophy of Reality PHIL 221 Epistemology: Philosophy of Knowledge PHIL 231...

Dance BS / Education MS

...Quarter Minimum Required Credits: 231.0 Co-op...LANG, LING, MENA, MUSC, PHIL, PHTO, PPE, PBHL...

Entertainment & Arts Management BS

...130 , MUSC 152 , MUSC 231 , MUSC 234 MUSC...MUSC 338 [ WI ] , PBHL, PHIL, PHTO 275 [ WI...

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