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PROJ 695 Capstone Project in Project Management 3.0 Credits

Provides an opportunity for the student to successfully integrate knowledge and skills acquired during their master’s program in project management. Students will evaluate the project management practices in an organization and create a report that identifies strengths and weaknesses in an organization and recommend strategies for improvement.

College/Department: LeBow College of Business
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: PROJ 502 [Min Grade: B] and PROJ 510 [Min Grade: B] and PROJ 515 [Min Grade: B] and PROJ 520 [Min Grade: B] and (PROJ 525 [Min Grade: B] or PROJ 645 [Min Grade: B]) and PROJ 530 [Min Grade: B] and PROJ 535 [Min Grade: B] and PROJ 540 [Min Grade: B] and PROJ 601 [Min Grade: B] and PROJ 602 [Min Grade: B]

Project Management

...0 credits), a culminating capstone project experience ( PROJ 695 ) integrating the knowledge and skills acquired...

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