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PSY 371 Law and Psychology 3.0 Credits

In this course, we will review specific information regarding to law and psychology. This includes exploring relevant research approaches and applications to the field. Important topics of focus include the criminal offending; the process between arrest, trial, and incarceration; eyewitness identification; psychological evaluations and other majors areas related to the intersection of law and psychology.

College/Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Restrictions: Cannot enroll if classification is Freshman
Prerequisites: PSY 101 [Min Grade: D] or PSY 111 [Min Grade: D]

Biological Sciences

...KOR, LING, PHIL, PSCI, PSY, SOC, SPAN, and...351 , PHIL 361 , PSCI 371 , SCTS 101 , SOC...

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