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SCTS 502 Research Methods 3.0 Credits

This graduate seminar will provide an in-depth exploration of many of the research methods used by science and technology studies [STS] scholars. Participants will learn how to define a meaningful research question and to identify which methods will best answer that question. They will also learn how to design interview guides and conduct interviews, surveys, focus groups, fieldwork, content analysis, experiments and archival research. Strategies for analyzing data will also be addressed. A thorough understanding of research design and methodologies is crucial to the STS toolkit.

College/Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Mechanical Engineering BSME / Peace Engineering MS

...electives: SCTS 501 , SCTS 570 , SCTS 571 , SCTS...660 Software Development : CS 502 , CS 575 , CS...

Peace Engineering

...electives: SCTS 501 , SCTS 570 , SCTS 615 , SCTS...660 Software Development : CS 502 CS 575 , CS...

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