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SCTS 575 Digital Power and Resistance 3.0 Credits

This course examines how power and resistance operate in these times of ubiquitous connectivity. Digital infrastructure and technology do not merely connect but also transform the way we think about, experience, and inhabit the world we live in. This course will examine the historical forces, social processes and economic mechanisms that contribute to such a transformation. It will examine the values, rationalities, and norms inherent to the design of connected existence. It will scrutinize the effects of connectivity on social inclusion and exclusion, as well as on participation in public life. We will draw upon conceptual tools and empirical work from science and technology studies. A variety of teaching methods will be used, including lecturing, group discussions, and the projection of short films.

College/Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Mechanical Engineering BSME / Peace Engineering MS

...electives: SCTS 501 , SCTS 570 , SCTS 571 , SCTS...Development : CS 502 , CS 575 , CS 576 Machine...

Peace Engineering

...electives: SCTS 501 , SCTS 570 , SCTS 615 , SCTS...Development : CS 502 CS 575 , CS 576 Machine...

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