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VSST T480 Special Topics in Visual Studies 0.0-3.0 Credits

Topics decided upon by faculty will vary within the area of study.

College/Department: Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts Design
Repeat Status: Can be repeated multiple times for credit

Game Design & Production

...1.0 VSST 109 3.0 VSST 108...level courses, including T380-T480 in AFAS, ARTH...

Interior Design

...level courses, including T380, T480 in AFAS, ARCH...MATH 101 4.0 VSST 102 4.0...

Product Design

...3.0 VSST 103 4.0 VSST 101...499 level, including T380-T480 in AFAS, ARCH...

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