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WRIT 401 Advanced Poetry Workshop 3.0 Credits

Advanced Poetry Workshop will focus on continuing to develop students’ poetry writing, editing, and criticism skills introduced in WRIT 225 (Creative Writing) and/or WRIT 301 (Poetry Writing). This class will concentrate on the art and skill of workshopping one another’s poems as well as using the critiques gained in workshops to revise and improve one’s poems.

College/Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Repeat Status: Can be repeated 1 times for 6 credits
Prerequisites: WRIT 295 [Min Grade: C] and WRIT 301 [Min Grade: C]

Mathematics BA / Biostatistics MS

...MATH 331 and MATH 401 , then one of...MUSC, PHIL, THTR, and WRIT courses at the...

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