Minor in Neuroscience

About the Minor

The Neuroscience minor allows students from a vast array of disciplines the opportunity for formalized study in neuroscience. This interdisciplinary minor integrates content from cellular, molecular, and systems neurobiology with neuropsychology, providing students with a strong foundation in basic principles of neurobiology and neuropsychology. This minor is a collaborative effort between Biology and Psychology, but is open to students in any major with an interest in gaining a deeper understanding of the biological and cognitive principles underlying brain function.

Please contact Leanne Sweppenheiser at lmt38@drexel.edu for additional information.

Required Courses
BIO 348Neuroscience: From Cells to Circuits3.0
BIO 349Behavioral Neuroscience3.0
PSY 312Cognitive Neuroscience3.0
PSY 410Neuropsychology3.0
Biology and Psychology Electives *
Select 2 BIO courses6.0
Behavioral Genetics
Neurobiology of Autism Disorders
Biology of Neuron Function
Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration
Neurobiology of Disease
Select 2 PSY courses6.0
Physiological Psychology
Sensation and Perception
Drugs & Human Behavior
Psychology of Learning
Cognitive Psychology
Psychology of Language
Total Credits24.0

A grade of "C" or better must be earned for each course in this minor to meet the requirements.

* 3 credits of research in neuroscience as BIO 497 or PSY 499 can be substituted for 1 elective in either of the categories

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