Philosophy, Science, and Technology Certificate

About the Program

The certificate in Philosophy, Science, and Technology provides an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students in all majors to deepen and broaden their educational experience by exploring issues related to science and technology. What is the nature and scope of natural science? What should count as "knowledge" as opposed to "opinion"? How do the sciences produce knowledge? How do philosophers think about the reality of space, time, and mathematics? What is the role played by their technical apparatus in the ways scientists think about the things they study? Is technology a neutral factor in human life and history? What is our responsibility to the environment? These and many other questions will be explored.

Contact your academic advisor in order to add this certificate to your program.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
PHIL 110Introduction to Philosophy3.0
PHIL 111Symbolic Logic I3.0
Select one of the following:3.0
Symbolic Logic II
Philosophy of Time
Philosophy of Mathematics
Epistemology: Philosophy of Knowledge
Select three of the following:9.0
Environmental Philosophy
Philosophy of Technology
Philosophy of Medicine
Philosophy of Science
Total Credits18.0

Additional Information

For more information about Drexel Philosophy classes and programs, please visit the Department of English & Philosophy website or stop by to see our director anytime. The Department of English & Philosophy is located in MacAlister Hall, Room 5016. The director can be contacted at:

Dr. Peter Amato
Director of Programs in Philosophy
Department of English & Philosophy
MacAlister 5029

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