Spanish for Health Professionals Certificate

Only available to currently enrolled Drexel students.

The Spanish for Health Professionals certificate prepares students to engage Spanish-speaking populations in the field of healthcare. It offers a critical advantage to health professions students (College of Nursing and Health Professions, Public Health, Pre-Med) who will be much better positioned in the job market if they can certify their ability to use Spanish in the workplace and engage with patients in culturally sensitive ways.

Program Requirements

Category 1: Spanish language coursework *4.0-12.0
Spanish for Healthcare Professionals I
Spanish for Healthcare Professionals II
Spanish for Healthcare Professionals III
Category 2: Latin American/Latinx Health coursework14.0-6.0
Students must complete between 6—14 credits of Latin American/Latinx Health coursework, and are encouraged to complete some of those credits through community-based and/or study abroad courses. **
Multicultural Counseling
Health Care across Cultures
Current Issues in Health Sciences
Leadership in Action and Community Health
Population Health: Local & Global
Public Health 101
Overview of Issues in Global Health
Introduction to Health & Human Rights
Public Health Ethics
Introduction to Language for the Professions (When focused on health professions, taught in Spanish)
Total Credits18.0
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