Minor in War and Society

About the Minor

This history minor concentrates on the history of wars, military and related institutions, and their broader historical and political contexts.

All prospective students should meet with an advisor from the College as soon as possible.

Program Requirements

Complete 16 credits in the following courses: *16.0
United States Military History I (before 1900)
US Military History II (since 1900)
The United States Civil War
The Great War, 1914-1918
World War II
The Pacific War
History of the Holocaust
History of the Holocaust
The American Revolution
U.S.-Mexican War
The Vietnam War
Disabilities in History
Conquest of Mexico
Reconstructing History After Genocide
International Politics
American Foreign Policy
Civilians in Armed Conflict
Ethics and International Relations
International Human Rights
Complete any 2 additional history courses8.0
Total Credits24.0

 At least 8 credits must be HIST courses.

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