Minor in Film & Television Studies

About the Minor

The minor in Film & Television Studies allows students to explore cinema and television history while engaging in critical analysis. After the foundation courses, students will have opportunity to explore areas of interest based on genre, historical periods, and artists.

Admission Requirements

The Film & Television Studies minor is open to all University students.

Program Requirements

Required Courses:
FMST 101Film History I: Emergence3.0
FMST 102Film History II: New Waves3.0
TVST 100Recent TV Trends3.0
Select five of the following:15.0
FMST 203Film History III: Trends3.0
FMST 250Documentary Studies3.0
FMST 255Hitchcock3.0
FMST 260The Western3.0
FMST 256Films of Gus Van Sant3.0
FMST 266The Cinematographer's Art3.0
FMST 290Hollywoodland I3.0
FMST 291Hollywoodland II3.0
FMST 293Japanese Cinema: Kurosawa3.0
FMST 352The Horror Film3.0
TVST 260History of Television3.0
TVST 361Art of TV Comedy3.0
TVST 362Art of TV Drama3.0
TVST 368Supernatural Fantasy TV Shows3.0
FMST T280Special Topics in Film Studies3.0-12.0
or FMST T380 Special Topics in Film Studies
TVST T280Special Topics in TV Studies0.0-12.0
or TVST T380 Special Topics in TV Studies
Total Credits:24.0
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