Minor in Jazz and African-American Music

About the Minor

The minor in Jazz and African-American music takes advantage of Drexel faculty expertise in those areas. This minor can include course work in jazz history, African-American music, jazz theory, private study in jazz performance, and ensemble work in several ensembles devoted to jazz.

MUSC 121Music Theory I3.0
MUSC 125Ear Training I1.0
MUSC 126Ear Training II1.0
MUSC 196Jazz Class Piano2.0
MUSC 241Private Lesson (3 terms)6.0
MUSC 300Improvisation3.0
MUSC 331World Musics3.0
MUSC 333Afro-American Music USA3.0
MUSC 336History of Jazz3.0
Total Credits25.0

 6 terms of MUSC 107 and/or MUSC 108, MUSC 112, MUSC 115

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