Minor in Performing Arts

About the Minor

Designed for the student who wishes to explore the fields of dance, music, and theatre rather than specialize in one area, the minor in Performing Arts provides motivated students the opportunity to learn about all three areas while performing for two years in one or more of the department's performing groups.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
DANC 115Introduction to Dance3.0
MUSC 130Introduction to Music3.0
Applied music (two terms selected from MUSC 241 / MUSC 242)4.0
THTR 115Theatrical Experience3.0
Theatre Elective3.0
Dance Elective3.0
Performing Arts Electives7.0
Performing Arts Practicum *0.0
Total Credits26.0

Performing arts practicum (6 terms from MUSC 101 - MUSC 115, THTR 130 , and/or DANC 131 - DANC 133).

Additional Information

For more information about this minor, please contact:

Dr. Miriam Giguere
Professor, Department Head
Department of Performing Arts

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