Minor in Somatics

About the Minor

An understanding of movement and body language has become increasingly important across many fields; in communication, corporate training, movement therapy, education, performance, rehabilitation, sport and fitness. Physical health, clear communication and effective leadership all rely on an awareness of how we carry our bodies through our lives. The Somatics Minor provides an in-depth study of the body, building from an understanding of its functional/structural basis, to its patterns and habits. We focus on how to interpret, analyze, and articulate somatic concepts and develop strategies for application.

Admission Requirements

Admission on consultation with Somatics Coordinator:

Additional Information

Jennifer Morley

Program Requirements

Minor Requirements
DANC 102Yoga3.0
DANC 108Dance Improvisation I2.0
DANC 116Dance and Fitness3.0
DANC 117Foundations of Somatic Theory and Practice3.0
DANC 216Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis3.0
DANC 316Dance Kinesiology3.0
DANC 416Survey of Somatic Practices3.0
Complete two of the following courses:4.0
Ballet Technique I
Ballet Technique II
Ballet Dance Technique III
Modern Dance Technique I
Modern Dance Technique II
Modern Dance Technique III
Jazz Dance Technique I
Jazz Dance Technique II
Jazz Dance Technique III
Hip-Hop Dance Technique I
Hip-Hop Dance Technique II
Dance Improvisation II
African Dance Technique I
African Dance Technique II
Total Credits24.0