Minor in Immune Engineering

About the Minor

The purpose of this undergraduate minor is to leverage Drexel’s unique strengths and leadership in this area to advance the education of the next generation of leaders in immune engineering.

Students who complete the minor in Immune Engineering will gain knowledge about the innate and adaptive immune systems, the importance of these systems for the success or failure of various treatments for diverse clinical applications, and how to manipulate these systems for therapeutic benefit. Given the increasing understanding of the importance of the immune system in biomaterial design, drug delivery, and cell and gene therapy, students earning a minor in Immune Engineering will be well positioned to work in the pharmaceutical, biomaterials, and cell and gene therapy sectors.

Students completing majors with backgrounds in biology or engineering are encouraged to consider this minor.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
BIO 211Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology II4.0
or BIO 214 Principles of Cell Biology
BIO 426Immunology3.0
BMES 480Introduction to Immune Engineering3.0
BMES 481Advanced Topics in Immune Engineering3.0
Introduction to Biomaterials: Choose 1 of the following options3.0-4.0
The Body Synthetic
Biomaterials I
Biomedical Materials
Electives: choose 7-8 credits from this list (adding up to a minimum of 24 credits) *8.0-7.0
Cell Biology and Immunology
Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology I
Techniques in Cell Biology
Immunobiology of Disease
Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics
Principles of Molecular Biology
Techniques in Molecular Biology
Advanced Molecular Biology
Quantitative Systems Biology
Genome Information Engineering
Biomaterials Engineering and Drug Delivery
Transport Phenomena in Living Systems
Biomaterials II
Cellular and Molecular Foundations of Tissue Engineering
Developmental and Evolutionary Foundations of Tissue Engineering
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering III
Total Credits24.0

Research in immune engineering can be used to substitute for a maximum of 6.0 credits of elective courses.


Student applies for course substitution of research (BMES 497) for one of the elective courses in the immune engineering minor. The request must include a description of undergraduate research to be undertaken and the name of the advisor to ensure research is in immune engineering. The request must be approved by program director.

Additional Information

Information regarding undergraduate professional academic advisors for this minor is available on the School's Undergraduate Advising webpage. 

For more detailed information about the curriculum and program goals, please contact:

Elise Bryers, MEd
Email:  emb53@drexel.edu