Minor in Health and Social Justice

About the Minor

The minor in Health and Social Justice is a collaborative minor between Community Health and Prevention and Health Management and Policy within the Dornsife School of Public Health. Students interested in the minor examine how social justice and human rights are impacted by the social determinants of health and vice versa. Students also gain an understanding of biases and inequality within healthcare systems and how it ultimately impacts the population.

Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate students with at least 30.0 credits
  • Students cannot pursue a major and a minor in the same field of study
  • PBHL 101 is a prerequisite for this minor.

Program Requirements

Required Courses *
PBHL 306Introduction to Community Health3.0
PBHL 308The U.S. Public Health System3.0
PBHL 309Public Health Ethics3.0
PBHL 313The Social Determinants of Health and Well-Being3.0
PBHL 315Public Health Leadership3.0
PBHL 333Health Inequality3.0
Electives (PBHL 102-499)6.0
Total Credits24.0

PBHL 101 is a prerequisite for this minor.

Additional Information

For more information about this minor, please contact:

DSPH Academic Advising Team
Office of Education

Additional information can be found on the Dornsife School of Public Health website.

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