Master of Science in Drexel Pathway to Medical School

55.0 - 64.0 semester credits

About the Program 

After successful completion of the Certificate in Drexel Pathway to Medical School program, some students may decide to pursue a Master of Science degree.

The following course list indicates the two portions of the program:  the initial certificate requirements, as well as the following 27.0 credits required to be awarded an MS in Drexel Pathway to Medical School.

Required Courses
Summer Enrichment Program
DPMS 500SMedical Science Preparation1.0
Fall Semester
IMSP 520SMedical Physiology I3.5
IMSP 512SMedical Biochemistry8.0
PHRM 512SGraduate Pharmacology3.0
Select one of the following, depending on Track:3.0-6.0
Concepts in Science and Verbal Reasoning I (Track I students)
Medical Immunology (Track II students)
Spring Semester
IMSP 503SMedicine and Society II2.0
MSPP 513SSpecial Topics in Anatomy4.0
IMSP 521SMedical Physiology II3.5
MSPP 405SConcepts in Science and Verbal Reasoning II (For Track I students)6.0
Total Credits34.0-37.0


After completion of the certificate portion of the program, students desiring to continue on to pursue the Master of Science take the following additional courses:

Required Courses
Summer Research Project
MSPP 550SResearch Project2.0
Fall Semester
IMSP 502SMedicine and Society I3.0
IMSP 540SCell Biology & Microanatomy I5.0
IMSP 550SMedical Nutrition1.0
IMSP 570SMedical Immunology (For letter grade)3.0
Spring Semester
IDPT 501SBiostatistics I2.0
IMSP 541SCell Biology and Microanatomy II3.0
IMSP 560SMedical Neuroscience6.0
Laboratory Techniques Requirement
Select one of the following:2.0
Lab Tech in Bioch & Molec Biol (Offered in fall)
Lab Tech In Bioc & Molec Biol (Offered in spring)
Total Credits27.0

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