The Steinbright Career Development Center

The Steinbright Career Development Center (Steinbright) serves all students and recent alumni through cooperative education and career services offerings. For information about potential co-op experiences, or to access career guides for specific majors, visit the Steinbright Center's Co-op Career Guide page.

I. Drexel Undergraduate Co-op

Cooperative Education at Drexel enables full-time undergraduate students to alternate periods of classroom theory with professional experience prior to graduation. Participation in co-op is available in most academic programs. Successful completion of the cooperative education experience is a graduation requirement for students enrolled in a co-op degree program. Students have the opportunity to gain 6 to 18 months of career-related work experience integrated with their coursework. Cooperative education helps students explore and confirm their career choices by assisting students in several areas of career development, including self-assessment and career exploration. Through co-op students develop confidence, professionalism and a sense of purpose. Students are expected to take advantage of every possible opportunity to observe different aspects of the workplace and to gain experience.  

To learn more about undergraduate co-op, visit the Steinbright Career Development Center's website.

A. Co-op Program Schedule Options

B. Co-op Policies and Procedures

C. Classes During Co-op Go to the Provost's website

II. Drexel Graduate Co-op Program (GCP)

Drexel’s long tradition in the field of experiential education for undergraduates has been extended into its graduate programs.

Participating Graduate Co-op Programs

MSIS, Information Systems; MSCS, Computer Science; College of Computing & Informatics

MS, Food Science; Center for Food and Hospitality Management

MS, Chemical Engineering; MS, Computer Engineering; MS, Cybersecurity; MS, Electrical Engineering; MS, Electrical Engineering/Telecommunications Engineering; MS, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; College of Engineering

MS, Biomedical Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering, Science, and Health Systems

MS, Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences

III. Career Services

Career Services offers assistance to all current students and alumni in securing employment consistent with personal career goals and objectives. All services are free of charge to active students and alumni. Services, resources, and events include:

  • Individual career counseling, including assessments designed to help individuals choose long-range career goals consistent with their abilities, education, interests, values and personality.

  • Career counselors who work specifically with first year students and graduating seniors. Individual appointments and group programs covering topics including resume writing, interview preparation, job search strategies and offer negotiation.

  • On-Campus Interview Program which provides opportunities for on-campus interviews with employers from business, industry, education, and government services.

  • Dragon Jobs. Drexel's online job search system. Students can review job postings and schedule interviews with employers who are interested in hiring Drexel students and alumni. Students can also research companies, information on career fairs, and company-hosted information sessions with Dragon Jobs.  
  • Comprehensive pre-professional advising services to students and alumni who are considering careers in law or medicine.

  • Two of the largest career fairs in the Delaware Valley in October and April open to all students and alumni. In addition, a career fair specifically for engineering and technology students is held in the winter term.

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