Graduate Programs

Certificate programs are listed separately.

Graduate minors are listed separately.


Academic Medicine (MS)

Accounting (MS)

NEW: Addictions Counseling (MS)

Adult Education and Organization Development (MS)

Applied Behavior Analysis (MS)

Architectural Engineering (MS, PhD)

American Legal Practice (LLM)

Art Therapy and Counseling (MA)

NEW: Arts Administration and Museum Leadership (MS)


Biochemistry (MS, PhD)

Biological Sciences (MS, PhD: College of Arts and Sciences)

Biomedical Engineering (MS, PhD: School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems)

Biomedical Science (MS, PhD: School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems)

Biomedical Studies (MS)

Biomedicine and Business (MS)

Biomedicine and Digital Media (MS)

Biomedicine and Entrepreneurship (MS)

Biomedicine and Law (MS)

Biostatistics (MS, PhD)

Biotechnology (MS)

Business Administration (DBA)

Business Administration (PhD)

Business Administration (MBA)

Business Analytics (MS)


Cancer Biology (MS)

Chemical Engineering (MS, PhD)

Chemistry (MS, PhD)

Civil Engineering (MS, PhD)

NEW: Clinical Research (MSN)

Clinical Research for Health Professionals (MS)

Clinical Research Organization & Management (MS)

Communication (MS)

Communication, Culture and Media (MS, PhD)

Community Health and Prevention (MPH, DrPH, PhD)

Complementary and Integrative Health (MS)

Computer Engineering (MS, PhD)

Computer Science (MSCS, PhD)

Construction Management (MS)

NEW: Couple and Family Therapy (DCFT)

Couple and Family Therapy (PhD)

Creative Arts in Therapy (PhD)

NEW: Creative Writing (MFA)

Creativity and Innovation (MS)

Criminalistic Science (MS)

Culinary Arts and Science (MS)

Cybersecurity (MS)


Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling (MA)

NEW: Data Science (MS)

Design Research (MS)

Digital Media (MS, PhD)

Drexel Pathway to Medical School (MS)

Drug Discovery and Development (MS)


Economics (MSECON)

Economics (PhD)

NEW: Economics and Computer Science (MSECCS)

Education (PhD)

Education Improvement and Transformation (MS)

Educational Administration (MS)

Educational Leadership and Management (EdD)

Electrical Engineering (MS, PhD)

Electrical/Telecommunications Engineering (MS)

Engineering (ME)

Engineering Management (MS)

Engineering Technology (MS)

Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MS)

Environmental and Occupational Health (MS, MPH)

NEW: Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences (MS)

Environmental Engineering (MS, PhD)

Environmental Policy (MSEP)

Environmental Science (MSES, PhD)

Epidemiology (MPH, MS, PhD, MD/MPH)


Family/Individual Across the Lifespan Nurse Practitioner (MSN)

Family Therapy (MFT)

Fashion Design (MS)

Finance (MS)

NEW: Financial Analysis (MSFA)

Food Science (MS)

Forensic Science (MS)


Global and International Education (MS)


NEW: Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (PhD)

Health Administration (MHA)

Health Informatics (MSHI)

Health Management and Policy (MPH)

NEW: Health Sciences (DHSc)

NEW: Health Services Research and Policy (MS)

Health Services Research and Policy (PhD)

Higher Education (MS)

Histotechnology (MS)

Human Nutrition (MS)


Immunology (MS)

Infectious Disease (MS)

NEW: Information Science (PhD)

Information Systems (MSIS)

Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Business (MS)

Interdepartmental Medical Science (MS)

Interdisciplinary Health Sciences (MS)

Interior Architecture and Design (MS)


Juris Doctor (JD)


Laboratory Animal Science (MLAS)

Law (JD)

Law (JD) / Public Health (MPH)

Learning Technologies (MS)

Legal Studies (MLS)

Library and Information Science (MSLIS)

NEW: Library and Information Science/Information Systems (MSIS/MSLIS)


Marketing (MS)

Materials Science and Engineering (MS, PhD)

Mathematics (MS, PhD)

Mathematics Learning and Teaching (MS)


Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics (MS, PhD)

Medical and Healthcare Simulation (MS)

Medical Science (MS)

Medicine (MD)

Microbiology and Immunology (MS, PhD)

Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MS, PhD)

Molecular Medicine (MS)

Music Therapy and Counseling (MA)


NEW: Nanomaterials (MS)

Neuroscience (MS, PhD)

NEW: Nonprofit Management: Public, Professional & Social Sectors (MS)

Nurse Anesthesia (MSN)

Nursing - Advanced Role (MSN)

Nursing - Nurse Practitioner (MSN)

NEW: Nursing: MSN/PhD joint degree (MSN/PhD)

Nursing (PhD)

Nursing Practice (DNP)

Nutrition Sciences (PhD)


Pathologists' Assistant (MS)

Peace Engineering (MS)

Pharmacology & Physiology (MS, PhD)

Physical Therapy (DPT)

Physician Assistant (MHS)

Physics (MS, PhD)

NEW: Population Health Science (MS)

Professional Studies (MS)

Project Management (MS, PhD)

Psychology (MS)

Psychology: Applied Cognitive and Brain Sciences (PhD)

Psychology: Clinical Psychology (PhD)

Psychology-Law (PhD/JD)

Public Health (MPH)

Public Health - Executive Program (MPH)

NEW: Public Health Ethics (MS)

Public Policy (MS)

Publishing (MA)


Quality, Safety and Risk Management in Health Care (MS, MSN)


Rehabilitation Sciences (DHSc)

Rehabilitation Sciences (MHS)

Retail & Merchandising (MS)


Science, Technology, and Society (MS)

Software Engineering (MSSE)

Special Education (MS)

NEW: Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis (MS)

Sport Coaching Leadership (MS)

Sport Management (MS)

Supply Chain Management and Logistics (MS)

Systems Engineering (MS)


Teaching, Learning and Curriculum (MS)

Telecommunications Engineering (MS)

Television Management (MS, MS/MBA)

Trial Advocacy and Dispute Resolution (LLM)


Urban Strategy (MS)

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