Close School of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a central theme of the Drexel University Strategic Plan 2012-2017: Transforming the Modern University. The cultivation of entrepreneurship and innovation is the key to success in today’s world. Drexel’s strong entrepreneurial and innovative culture extends across academic programs through curricular and experiential activities, faculty and student research, and various partnerships with business, non-profits, and government.

The Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship is the hub of such activities, working in alignment with all colleges and schools at Drexel. As a freestanding academic school it provides curricula and activities for students to learn and practice innovative behavior.

The Close School defines entrepreneurship as more than starting a company or sparking innovation with established companies. For the Close School, entrepreneurship consists of three dimensions:

  • A habit of mind and an attitude; a skill set applicable to pursuing innovation in business, personal, and career contexts.
  • An approach to life built around innovative thinking, calculated daring, and proactive behavior.
  • The process through which an individual or team creates or recognizes opportunities to pursue something of value, regardless of the resources available.



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