Graduate Minor in Global Health

About the Graduate Minor

Graduate minors are open to all Drexel graduate students in all schools and colleges. The graduate minors are designed to complement student’s training by providing basic knowledge in topics outside their primary discipline.

The graduate minor in Global Health is intended for graduate students in Public Health and across the University who are interested in gaining knowledge and skills in global health. Students are required to take three core classes and have the option of either completing two electives or complete the Global Health Integration Module for 6.0 credits. Through the structured curriculum, students will gain global health competencies.

Admission Requirements

The Graduate Minor in Global Health is open to current Drexel graduate students

Program Requirements

Required Courses
CHP 607Public Health Ethics *3.0
or PBHL 704 Proseminar in Global Health Ethics
CHP 673Outcomes Assessment of Community Health and Prevention3.0
or PBHL 707 Monitoring and Evaluation in Global Health
EOH 560Overview of Issues in Global Health3.0
or PBHL 705 Public Health in Developing Countries
Choose two from the list below OR PBHL 708
Global Issues in Maternal and Child Health
Research with Rare, Stigmatized and Hidden Populations
LGBT Health Disparities
Intersectional Perspectives
Environmental Health in Vulnerable Populations
Public Health and Disaster Preparedness
Microbes and Public Health Practice
Public Health Impacts of Global Climate Change
Health Systems Policy Analysis
Globalization, Development and Comparative Health Systems
Change Management in Public Health
Total Credits15.0

Additional Information

For more information about this graduate minor, contact:

Kristi LeBlanc, MSEd
Academic Program Coordinator

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