Global Health

Major: Global Health
Degree Awarded: Master of Science
Calendar Type: Quarter
Total Credit Hours: 45.0
Co-op Option: None
Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code: 51.2210
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code: 21-1091

About the Program

The Master of Science in Global Health aims to prepare the next generation of public health leaders for careers in global health. The MS program draws upon the interdisciplinary expertise of the Dornsife School of Public Health’s faculty, allowing students to gain both broad understanding of global health and have a deeper engagement on issues such as urban and environmental health, maternal and child health, human rights, social justice, and ethics.

The online degree can be completed part time and is designed for clinicians, researchers, program managers, policy analysts, social entrepreneurs, and others who want to study both the theory and practice of global health, strengthening their skills in quantitative, qualitative, and applied social sector research. Graduates will be prepared for careers in research, policy, program management, and evaluation. Employers include government agencies, academic institutions, global technical agencies, international non‐governmental organizations, and private sector global health companies.

Major Competencies:

  • Analyze the diverse factors that influence the health of global populations and think critically and creatively about how to develop effective and sustainable solutions.
  • Engage with communities and key stakeholders and understand the challenges of partnership and importance of country ownership.
  • Analyze global and national health systems, examining and assessing the equitable distribution of resources and the prioritization of health care across populations.
  • Act ethically, promoting the right to health and integrating scientific knowledge and global evidence to advance health policies and interventions that address social determinants with an emphasis on underserved and marginalized populations.

Additional Information

For more information about this program, contact:

Sabrina DeVose
Academic Coordinator for Global Health Programs

Additional information can be found on the Drexel University Online website including how to apply.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses
BST 571Introduction to Biostatistics3.0
CHP 607Public Health Ethics3.0
CHP 660Global Health Ethics1.5
CHP 661Monitoring and Evaluation in Global Health Programs and Advocacy1.5
CHP 673Process Monitoring and Outcomes Evaluation for Community Health Programs3.0
EOH 560Overview of Issues in Global Health3.0
EPI 570Introduction to Epidemiology3.0
HMP 603Health Systems Policy Analysis3.0
Capstone Courses
CHP 752Global Health Integrative Learning Experience: Capstone Course I1.5
CHP 753Global Health Integrative Learning Experience: Capstone Course II1.5
Introduction to Statistical Computing
Overview of Maternal and Child Health
Global Issues in Maternal and Child Health
Research with Rare, Stigmatized and Hidden Populations
LGBT Health Disparities
Intersectional Perspectives
Public Health Practice in and with Latino Communities
Perinatal Epidemiology
Design and Analysis of Epidemiological Studies
Research Project Development
Qualitative Data and Mixed Methods Analysis
Violence, Trauma and Adversity in Public Health
Total Credits45.0

Sample Plan of Study

Full Time

9 Months

First Year
EOH 5603.0BST 5713.0CHP 6073.0
EPI 5703.0CHP 6611.5CHP 6601.5
HMP 6033.0CHP 6733.0CHP 7531.5
PBHL 5010.0CHP 7521.5Elective9.0
 15 15 15
Total Credits 45

12 Months

First Year
EOH 5603.0BST 5713.0CHP 6073.0CHP 7531.5
EPI 5703.0CHP 6611.5CHP 6601.5Electives9.0
HMP 6033.0CHP 6733.0CHP 7521.5 
PBHL 5010.0Elective3.0Electives6.0 
 12 10.5 12 10.5
Total Credits 45

Part Time

24 Months

First Year (Part-Time)
EOH 5603.0BST 5713.0CHP 6073.0Electives6.0
EPI 5703.0CHP 6611.5CHP 6601.5 
PBHL 5010.0CHP 6733.0  
 6 7.5 4.5 6
Second Year (Part-Time)
HMP 6033.0Electives6.0CHP 7521.5CHP 7531.5
Elective3.0 Elective3.0Elective3.0
 6 6 4.5 4.5
Total Credits 45
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