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BET 307 Applied Biomedical Instrumentation 3.0 Credits

The course introduces students to the engineering design process and provides design experience through hands-on design and implementation of biomedical instruments. Using a generalized step-by-step approach that consists of (1) understanding the physiological sources, (2) selecting appropriate transducers, (3) designing analog processing electronics, and (4) implementing digital signal processing, student will gain extensible knowledge and skills to design and implement various biomedical instruments.

College/Department: College of Engineering
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: EET 201 [Min Grade: D] and EET 202 [Min Grade: D] and BET 301 [Min Grade: D] and BMES 391 [Min Grade: D]

Engineering Technology

...0 Term Credits 15.0 Term 10 BET 307 Applied Biomedical Instrumentation 3.0 MET...

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