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BIO 226 Microbiology for Health Professionals 5.0 Credits

An introduction to microbiology for students in the health professions. Covers the diversity of microorganisms, their growth and how to control them. An introduction to the principles of disease and pathogenicity, host interaction and immunological response. Laboratories focus on the basic techniques to culture and student microorganisms.

College/Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Biological Sciences

...according to your specific interests. BIO 212 and BIO 226 will not count towards the...

Health Sciences

...ANAT 101 Anatomy & Physiology I 5.0 BIO 226 Microbiology for Health Professionals 5.0...

Computer Science

...151 ), BIO (except BIO 161 , BIO 162 , BIO...12.0 Total Credit: 226.5 Co-op...

Engineering Technology

...BIO 107 Cells, Genetics & Physiology 3.0 BIO...Control 3.0 MHT 226 Measurement Techniques and...

Project Management

...Credits 20.0 Spring BIO 141 Essential Biology...19.0 Total Credit: 226.5 * Graduate-level...


...ANAT 103 Anatomy & Physiology III 5.0 BIO 226 Microbiology for Health Professionals 5.0...

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