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CHP 750 Integrative Learning Experience in Community Health & Prevention I 3.0 Credits

The ILE is organized as a 6-credit project over two quarters in year two. Students will work with their advisor to develop and implement a practice-based project designed to enhance students’ interests and engage with community partner(s) or be of direct relevance to community stakeholders. Although practice-based, the ILE is to be rooted in the research literature and/or apply research methods to elevate the work wherever it lies within a planning and research cycle, such as the Institute of Medicine’s Framework for Collaborative Public Health Action in Communities (2003). Students may choose to work on an individual or group-based project. Students are required to complete a high-quality written product at the end of the experience, ideally of benefit to both academic and community audiences.

College/Department: Dornsife School of Public Health
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

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