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CIT 696 Integrative Health Strategies I 3.0 Credits

This course introduces the health care professional to clinically proven integrative health strategies that include preventative, non-invasive and natural treatment approaches that can be utilized as supportive therapies for specific health conditions. These therapies consist of dietary and lifestyle modifications, nutritional supplementation, phytomedicines, mind-body stress reduction techniques, and other natural therapies that promote an integrative health care approach in a comprehensive treatment plan.

College/Department: College of Nursing Health Professions
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: (CIT 501 [Min Grade: B] or NURS 551 [Min Grade: B]) and (CIT 502 [Min Grade: B] or NURS 529 [Min Grade: B]) and (CIT 657 [Min Grade: B] or NURS 657 [Min Grade: B])

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