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HMP 550 Health Disparities: Systemic, Structural, Environmental & Economic 3.0 Credits

This course explores racial and ethnic disparities in health status and access to health care, while examining interventions to eliminate them. Students learn to define and describe racial, ethnic and gender-related disparities, discuss underlying mechanisms, think critically about existing research on health disparities and develop proposals for reducing them.

College/Department: Dornsife School of Public Health
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Health Services Research and Policy

...Spring HMP 815 Cost Benefit Analysis for Health Services 3.0 HMP 802 or 550...

Executive Master of Public Health

...Occupational Health 4.0 HMP 640 Healthcare and...0 Term 5 EOH 550 Introduction to Urban...

Public Health Ethics

...516 History of Public Health 3.0 HMP 550 Health Disparities: Systemic, Structural, Environmental & Economic...

Epidemiolgy PhD

...0 Term 2 EPI 550 Applied Survey Research...6 CHP 607 or HMP 802 Public Health...

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