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IDPT 501S Biostatistics I 2.0 Credits

Introduction to the theory of probability, frequency distribution, correlation's and regression analysis, probability, chi-square and analysis of variance, applications of statistics in the laboratory.

College/Department: COM School of Biomedical Sciences Professional Studies
Repeat Status: Can be repeated 9 times for 999 credits

Biomedicine and Business

...535S Biomedical Technology Commercialization I 1.0 IDPT 501S Biostatistics I 2.0 BUSN 502...

Microbiology and Immunology

...Term Credits 18.0 Second Year Fall IDPT 501S Biostatistics I 2.0 MIIM 502S...

Cancer Biology

...Lab Rotation 4.0 IDPT 501S Biostatistics I 2.0 IDPT 526S Cells to Systems...

Biomedicine and Law

...with the MIIM or IDPT designation are offered...Second Year Fall LSTU 501S * Compliance Skills: Auditing...

Biomedicine and Entrepreneurship

...MIIM 645S Biomedical Career Explorations 1.0 IDPT 501S Biostatistics I 2.0 ENTP 535...

Forensic Science

...Term Credits 13.0 Second Year Fall IDPT 501S Biostatistics I 2.0 MFSP 573S...


...Research 9.0 IDPT 500S Responsible Conduct of Research 2.0 IDPT 501S Biostatistics I...

Biomedicine and Digital Media

...0 ** Other electives are as follows: IDPT 500S , IDPT 501S , MIIM 521S , MIIM 530S , MIIM...

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