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INFO 103 Introduction to Data Science 3.0 Credits

A first course in data science. Introduces data science as a field, describes the roles and services that various members of the community play and the life cycle of data science projects. Provides an overview of common types of data, where they come from, and the challenges that practitioners face in the modern world of “Big Data.” Provides an introduction to the interdisciplinary mixture of skills that the practice requires.

College/Department: College of Computing and Informatics
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Data Science

...and Genres English Composition III 3.0 INFO 103 Introduction to Data Science 3.0...

Criminology and Justice Studies

...INFO 108 Foundations of Software 3.0 INFO...You 3.0 ENGL 103 or 113 Composition...

Architectural Engineering

...Engineering 3.0 ENGL 103 or CIVE 240...Design II 4.0 INFO 210 Database Management...

Software Engineering

...any non-required CS, INFO, SE course numbered...050 , PHYS 100 , PHYS 103 , PHYS 104 , PHYS...

Computer Science

...5 Term 3 CI 103 Computing and Informatics...Concurrent Programming 3.0 INFO 310 Human-Centered...

Engineering Technology

...Hardware 3.0 ENGL 103 or 113 Composition...Digital Electronics 4.0 INFO 151 Web Systems...

Teacher Education: English

...A 3.0 PHYS 103 or CHEM 111...Pedagogy Seminar 1.0 INFO 101 Introduction to...

Accelerated BA in Philosophy and MS in Public Policy

...0 Term 3 ENGL 103 or 113 Composition...Communication Econometrics 3.0 INFO 680 US Government...

Teacher Education: Mathematics

...Composition II 3.0 INFO 108 Foundations of...Development 3.0 ENGL 103 or 113 Composition...

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