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MFSP 602S Professional Courtroom Testimony & Moot Court 3.0 Credits

Providing effective testimony in a courtroom is a critical part of being an expert witness. Developing effective communication skills, both verbal and written, are crucial to the success of an expert. In addition, understanding the differing roles of attorneys will allow students to develop professional relationships with members of the legal community. This class will help students understand how the legal system functions, how lawyers and juries will interact with them, and how to develop personal strategies for providing ethical and competent testimony. It will also provide hands on case studies for students to explore the confluence of law and science and to provide opportunities for students to experience practical applications of science in the courtroom.

College/Department: COM School of Biomedical Sciences Professional Studies
Repeat Status: Can be repeated 2 times for 9 credits
Restrictions: Can enroll if major is CRSC or major is FS or major is IHS.

Forensic Science

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