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MKTG 510 Marketing Strategy 2.0 Credits

Marketing is the practice of creating and exchanging value. Marketing strategy can be thought of as a process by which companies allocate scarce resources in order to exchange value in ways that enhance corporate performance and sustainability. The course addresses how creating and delivering superior value can improve relationships with customers and other stakeholders. It also provides students with analytical skills, decision tools, and disciplined frameworks to conduct a market analysis.

College/Department: LeBow College of Business
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Executive MBA Program

...credits FIN 610 - Corporate Governance - 3 credits MKTG 510 - Marketing Strategy - 2 credits ECON 601...

MBA Programs

...Credits Winter Credits Spring Credits Summer Credits MKTG 510 2.0 Electives 6.0 Electives...

MPH/MBA Joint Degree

...0 MGMT 510 3.0 Electives 6.0 Experiential Elective 3.0 MKTG 510 2...

Certificate in Business Analytics

...3.0 MKTG 606 3.0 MKTG 607...Credits Summer Credits MGMT 510 3.0 MIS...

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