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PBHL 510 Public Health Foundations and Systems I 4.0 Credits

This 4-credit course is part 1 of a two quarter, multi-disciplinary introduction to the theory and practice of public health. The course is divided into two 5-week modules: Determinants of Health and Human Rights, Ethics and History. The first lecture session provides background in the determinants of health, followed by a lecture describing human rights, ethics and history in relationship to the module theme. Weeks 2 through 4 address course objectives with examples that tie back to the focus for the module. The last two sessions of each module address translating knowledge into action and public health leadership, again with the theme highlighted in that module.

College/Department: Dornsife School of Public Health
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Public Health MPH

...Credits PBHL 510 4.0 PBHL 511 4.0 HMP 505 2.0 PBHL 500...

Executive Master of Public Health

...Credits Spring Credits Summer Credits PBHL 510 4.0 PBHL 511 4.0 CHP 671...

MPH/MBA Joint Degree

...0 Management Selective 3.0 PBHL 510 4.0 PBHL 511 4.0 Social Justice...

Law (JD) / Public Health (MPH)

...500 3.0 HMP 505 2.0 PBHL 510 4.0 PH Management Selective 3...

Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences

...apply. Degree Requirements * EOH 510 can be substituted...Public Health Learning Objectives: PBHL 501 is a...

Biostatistics PhD required to take PBHL 501 . Sample Plan...823 3.0 MATH 510 3.0 BST...

Public Health Ethics apply. Degree Requirements * PBHL 501 can be...Credits Summer Credits CHP 510 3.0 CHP...

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