Center for Food and Hospitality Management

Drexel University's Center for Food and Hospitality Management offers programs designed to address the critical scientific and business issues surrounding the food industry. The programs emphasize both academic and career development for an innovative study of the art, science and business of the food.

One of the most distinct qualities of all of our programs is the way we uniquely and individually work to connect each student to their ideal career. Through supportive and connected faculty, co-op opportunities, the most relevant guest lecturers, and partnerships with key regional and national employers, our programs build an industry-relevant resume and a strong network before graduation.

Programs are taught by accomplished faculty with experience in all areas of food and hospitality. Coursework is offered in culinary arts, baking, food science, beverage, gastronomy, food policy, sustainability, food/hospitality marketing, customer service, event planning and more. The programs are intended for students who plan to pursue careers in culinary arts, as research chefs, in recipe development, in food innovation and ideation, for food companies, restaurants, hotels, event planning firms and beyond.

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