Minor in Africana Studies

The minor in Africana studies was created to provide the opportunity for undergraduate students throughout the University to gain an understanding of and background in the history and cultures of peoples of African descent in North and South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. 

This interdisciplinary minor includes courses in anthropology, history, literature, music, political science, and sociology, and provides an opportunity for directed study in areas of particular interest to the students. The Africana studies minor has intrinsic intellectual value and helps prepare individuals to become contributors to an increasingly pluralistic society. At the same time, this minor allows students interested in business, the sciences, engineering, government, and social services to present to prospective employers a unique academic background.

Required Courses
AFAS 101Introduction to Africana Studies3.0
AFAS 201Cross Currents in Africana Studies3.0
Select six of the following: *18.0
African American Herstories
Race, Politics and Religion
Politics of Hip Hop
Rum, Rice and Revolution: Caribbean History
Urban Social Justice Practicum I
Urban Social Justice Practicum II
Independent Study in AFAS
Special Topics in Africana Studies
Special Topics in Africana Studies
Introduction to Cultural Diversity
Societies In Transition: The Impact of Modernization and the Third World
Post-Colonial Literature I (WI)
Post-Colonial Literature II
Topics in World Literature **
Freedom in America
American Slavery
Jazz Ensembles
Afro-American Music USA
United States & the Third World
City in United States Political Development
Women and Society in a Global Context
Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies ***
Total Credits24.0

Students take an additional 18.0 credits including-but not limited to-the following courses. (Students must check with the Program Director for approval prior to making substitutions.)


With a focus on the Caribbean, Latin America or the Diaspora.


With a focus on race or the Diaspora.

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