Minor in Bioscience and Society

Designed for non-majors, the minor in bioscience and society is accessible to all students with an interest in biology. The minor includes a list of topical courses from which students can choose freely depending upon interest.

Required Courses *
Select one of the following options:3.0-4.0
Applied Cells, Genetics & Physiology
Cells, Genetics & Physiology
and Cells, Genetics and Physiology Laboratory
Select one of the following options:3.0-4.0
Applied Biological Diversity, Ecology & Evolution
Biological Diversity, Ecology & Evolution
and Biological Diversity, Ecology and Evolution Laboratory
ENVS 212Evolution4.0
Select four of the following: **14.0
Biotechnology for Society
How Your Body Works-Or Not
Basics of Cancer
Biology of Stress
Genetically Modified Foods
Environmental Science and Society
Total Credits24.0-26.0


A grade of "C"  or better must be earned for each course in this minor for the course to meet the requirement.


Other courses may be substituted depending on yearly course offerings after consultation with an academic advisor in the Department of Biology.

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