Minor in Bioscience and Society

About the Minor

Designed for non-majors, the minor in bioscience and society is accessible to all students with an interest in biology. The minor includes a list of topical courses from which students can choose freely depending upon interest.

Please contact Leanne Sweppenheiser at lmt38@drexel.edu for additional information.

Required Courses *
Select one of the following options:3.0-4.0
Applied Cells, Genetics & Physiology
Cells, Genetics & Physiology
and Cells, Genetics and Physiology Laboratory
Select one of the following options:3.0-4.0
Applied Biological Diversity, Ecology & Evolution
Biological Diversity, Ecology & Evolution
and Biological Diversity, Ecology and Evolution Laboratory
ENVS 212Evolution4.0
Select four of the following: **14.0
Biotechnology for Society
How Your Body Works-Or Not
Basics of Cancer
Biology of Stress
Genetically Modified Foods
Environmental Science and Society
Total Credits24.0-26.0

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