Minor in French

About the Minor

In our globalized world, intercultural and multilingual communication is an indispensable asset for the 21st century citizen and worker. As part of the Department of Global Studies and Modern Languages, we offer language instruction rooted in communication and embedded in authentic cultural contexts. Language study opens a world of opportunities for our students, from co-ops and study abroad programs to engagement with global communities here in Philadelphia. Media and technology, as well as travel and commerce, make the study of languages more crucial than ever, for tackling global challenges such as climate change and inequality demand that our students communicate across languages and cultures.

All prospective students should meet with an advisor from the College as soon as possible.

The French minor requires a minimum of 24 credits above French 103, including at least 12 credits above French 310, and at least one 400 level course. Students can choose from the following 300 and 400 level courses.24.0
French IV
French V
Advanced Writing and Speaking
Introduction to Language for the Professions
Introduction to Identities and Communities
Introduction to Power and Resistance
Introduction to Language, Media, and Society
Advanced Grammar and Translation
Advanced Studies in Language for the Professions
Advanced Studies in Identities and Communities
Advanced Studies in Power and Resistance
Advanced Studies in Language, Media, and Society
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