Minor in Global Studies

About the Minor

Global Studies practices socially-responsible global citizenship through a unique combination of research-oriented and multilingual instruction, professional experience, and meaningful engagement with communities both here in Philadelphia and abroad.

Students experience Global Studies by:

  • Examining the movement of peoples, goods, and cultures across countries and regions
  • Studying global issues in concrete socio-economic, cultural, and geographical contexts
  • Tackling structural inequalities from a variety of perspectives and disciplines
  • Developing intercultural and language skills through unique pedagogical models
  • Working with employers and communities in Philadelphia and around the world through Drexel's Co-op opportunities

Program Requirements

Students must complete at least 201 of a language before earning the GST minor.
Core requirements
Students are required to complete 3 200+ level GST courses9.0
Global Studies Electives15.0
Students must complete at least fifteen credits from the following list:
Special Topics in Africana Studies
Introduction to World Religions
Topics in World Ethnography
Anthropology of Immigration
Societies In Transition: The Impact of Modernization and the Third World
Approaches to Intercultural Behavior
International Business Law
Intercultural Communication
International Communication
International Negotiations
Global Journalism
Economic Development
Survey of World Literature
Post-Colonial Literature
Topics in World Literature
Literature and Society
Global Climate Change
Global Warming, Biodiversity and Your Future
Introduction to Global Capital and Development
Introduction to Identities and Communities
Introduction to Power and Resistance
Introduction to Global Media, Arts, and Cultures
Introduction to Global Health and Sustainability
Advanced Studies in Global Capital and Development
Advanced Studies in Identities and Communities
Advanced Studies in Power and Resistance
Advanced Studies in Global Media, Arts, and Cultures
Advanced Studies in Global Health and Sustainability
Model Organization of American States
Special Topics in Global Studies
Special Topics in Global Studies
Independent Study in Global Studies
Making of Modern South Asia
History of Capitalism
Multinational Corporations
International Trade
International Money and Finance
World Musics
Foods and Nutrition of World Cultures
Perspectives in World Nutrition
Overview of Issues in Global Health
Introduction to Health & Human Rights
The World's Water
Global Ethical Issues
International Politics
Comparative Politics II
Global Governance
International Political Economy
Power in Protest: Social Movements in Comparative Perspective
International Organizations: The United Nations
Ethics and International Relations
International Human Rights
The European Union in World Politics
Global Climate Change
Sociology of Global Health
HIV/AIDS and Africa
Development and Underdevelopment in the Global South
Environmental Justice
Women and Society in a Global Context
Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
Total Credits24.0

Writing-Intensive Course Requirements

In order to graduate, all students must pass three writing-intensive courses after their freshman year. Two writing-intensive courses must be in a student's major. The third can be in any discipline. Students are advised to take one writing-intensive class each year, beginning with the sophomore year, and to avoid “clustering” these courses near the end of their matriculation. Transfer students need to meet with an academic advisor to review the number of writing-intensive courses required to graduate.

A "WI" next to a course in this catalog may indicate that this course can fulfill a writing-intensive requirement. For the most up-to-date list of writing-intensive courses being offered, students should check the Writing Intensive Course List at the University Writing Program. Students scheduling their courses can also conduct a search for courses with the attribute "WI" to bring up a list of all writing-intensive courses available that term.

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